Research group for sustainable business and marketing
     Bjoern FRANK

Green marketing
(2 courses in English and Japanese, spring semester)

   Green marketing deals with how firms design and sell environmentally friendly products and with how consumers become motivated to purchase such products. This course covers both general knowledge of marketing and specific knowledge of green marketing. It deals with green marketing strategy, green marketing mix, customer relationship management, green product design, and green marketing research.

Environment and Supply Chain Management
(English, fall semester)

   Supply chain management focuses on the strategic coordination of business functions both within and across companies of the supply chain, for the purpose of improving the long-term performance of the individual companies and the supply chain as a whole. This course deals with both basic concepts of supply chain management and environmental issues in supply chain management. It covers topics such as green manufacturing, green procurement, closed-loop supply chains, carbon footprinting, and green quality management.

Corporate Social Responsibility
(Japanese, fall semester)

   本講義では、CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)とその経営を対象にする。CSRとは、社会と自然環境に利益をもたらす企業活動である。CSRを重視する企業は、 利益のみを追求するのではなく、社会と自然環境にとって有害な影響を最小化し、有益な影響を最大化することに責任を持っている。本講義の対象テーマは、CSRの定義と経営上の合理性、 利害関係者理論、労働慣行、CSR対応の組織変動とリーダーシップ、社会的起業、社会的責任投資、CSRと文化の関係等である。

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